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Embracing Unity at Förena Condominiums

Morris Adjmi’s Latest High-end NYC Condos for Sale at the Corner of Sixth and 14th

The best homes unite - unite peace with chaos, comfort with aesthetics, and nature with the city. It’s something this world needs more of, and bringing all of those things together into one place is a work of true mastery. You can find out for yourself what the mastery of unity looks like when you discover Förena.

Tying Together Neighborhoods

Placed at the nexus of Flatiron, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village, Förena ties together the top downtown New York City neighborhoods. As Förena elevates this historic location (once a dance studio of Merce Cunningham), it offers future residents the ideal home location full of the new experiences, unique foods, and ambitious progress that New York is known for. 

These condominiums for sale in NYC place you two blocks from Union Square, so you can stroll through the Greenmarket or attend an event at the park anytime with ease. And don’t forget to stop by the Union Square Holiday Market during the winter. Along the way, you can visit one of the many well-known stores, such as ZARA or J. Crew, Bandier or Club Monaco.

From Förena, you’ll also be within easy walking distance from dozens of food places. Whether you need a quick pick-up from a café or an impressive sit-down restaurant, you’ll be minutes away from some of the best eateries in Manhattan. Neighboring multiple green spaces, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Madison Square Park, landcaped tranquility is always nearby. 

At Förena, you’ll enjoy bringing together the variety of experiences that surround you each day. In a location like Sixth and 14th, you can find all you need and want close around you. Choosing one of these NYC condos for sale gives you exactly what so many come to New York to find - and unifies you with the city in an incredible way.

Stunning Style and Comfort

When you’re buying a condo in NYC, you need to find a place that truly feels like home. Comfort, beauty, security - it all plays a significant role in the home you’ll build. The condos for sale in NYC Förena can give you all you need to build that home, and it all starts before you even walk in the door. 

The serene colors and beautiful terraces immediately give the impression of a sanctuary in the middle of our non-stop city. Stepping inside, you’ll find bright, comfortable lighting with floor-to-ceiling windows to give residents as much natural light as possible. The natural light combined with the outdoor terraces, zen garden, and outdoor rooftop dining unifies the city with nature with beautiful synergy.

While your home is what you make it, it will always be better when you settle into the right place to begin with. Förena has the comfort, style, ideal location, and luxury all brought together to give you the perfect start in a new home.

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